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In-Stock General Designs


Maybe you don't need the 550-pen minimum? Maybe you can't wait the 8-12 weeks for custom design? Maybe you want imprinted pens for a convention in Boston or New Orleans? General designs offer an alternative to custom design. General designs have a 144-pen minimum order, and turnaround is only 1-2 weeks.

Lists and Images of Currently Available Designs:

U.S. Geographic Locations
Animal World

Wholesale Ordering Information

In-stock "general design" pens can be purchased wholesale in quantities of 12 dozen (144) or more.

Pen Styles

General designs are primarily available in the classic style float pen, but occasionally we have them as keychains, Twist 'n Click pens, or other styles. Check for availability.

Barrel Colors

General designs come with various barrel colors. Check for availability.

Imprinting Information

Personalize the general designs for your particular event by imprinting on the lower barrel.

Turnaround Time

General designs are kept in stock and can usually be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

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