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Share your float pen passion with other collectors and traders.

If you would like your name added to this list (or if you are currently on the list and want to update your information), feel free to send your contact information to Float Art Design, or fill out our simple, 4-line mini-form. On to many prosperous years of collecting!
Diana Andra
email: diandra@floatabout.com
website: www.FloatAbout.com
Collector/Trader, with over 3,000 pens. Publisher of Float About Newsletter (back issues are on-line at her website). She is the best floaty resource on the web and has HUNDREDS of doubles to trade or sell.
Tina Ashby
email: tinaashby@aol.com
Collector/Trader in U.K.: 250 pens. I love to trade floaty pens with other collectors.
Diane Bachca
email: bacha.diane@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader in U.K.: 450 pens. I have been collecting for 30 years.
Christina Bailey
email: cbailey7@ix.netcom.com
Collector/Trader: 115 pens
Marinella Bak
email: mfloaty@tiscali.nl
Collector/Trader: 1400 pens. I collect pens from places I have been on holidays.
V.L. Baker
email: vb32810@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader: 300 pens, trade mostly Disney and Elvis pens.
Kristiana Becker/Frank Seybold
email: kristiana.becker@web.de
Collector/Traders in Germany: 1700 pens, and 100 pens to trade! Would love people to email us.
Holger Benedikt
email: bene1959@live.de
Collector/Traders in Germany: 2500 pens, seeking to exchange pens!
email: zeepadbs@hotmail.com
Collector: 300 pens
Armagan Bilgin
email: bilgina58@msn.com
Collector/Trader in Turkey, just starting to collect, wants to buy old and historical floating pens.
Elizabeth Blondefield
email: tallpkb@msn.com
Collector/Trader: just started, 50+ pens, eager to trade.
Beverly Broadstone
email: floatypenguin@earthlink.net
Collector/Trader: 4000+ pens
Soraya Brombacher
email: soraya.brombacher@bakerhughes.com
Collector/Trader: 50+ pens
Sue Buetow
email: SueBeeOne@msn.com
Collector/Trader from Minnesota: 700+ pens, looking for fellow MN collectors and MN pens.
Amy Burris
email: mburris@dellepro.com
Collector/Trader: 66 pens, most from friends and family travels. It has been really fun.
Delia Casa
email: deliacasa@katamail.com
Collector/Trader: 150 pens, many from Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, like one from Argentina.
Debbie Carriere
email: kveeti@shaw.ca
website: floatypen.wordpress.com/2016/12/27/trade-list/
Collector/Trader from Central Canada, 3500 pens.
Morten Christoffersen
email: mcd@mcstoffer.dk
Collector/Trader: 12,000+ pens. I want to trade with many people as possible. I have 3000 tradepens.
Zoë Crocker
email: zoecrocker@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader: 30+ pens, I just started!
Dane Crosby
email: danecrosby@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader: 12 pens. I became interested in collecting in 1997. Since then, during my travels, I always try to buy a pen with a city, state or country name on it.
Amy Dedman
email: chrisdedman@hotmail.com
website (trade list): home.comcast.net/~chris-dedman/amy/amy.htm/
Tom Delsart
email: tdelsart@new.rr.com
Collector/Trader, 1237 pens. I want to buy complete collections for cash, no adult-rated pens. Willing to travel anywhere to see your collection.
Kim Dougherty
email: pangwin_@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader, 120 pens. Trying to collect pens from any/all of the hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, NV.
IJda Douma
email: ijdouma@zonnet.nl
Collector/Trader, 4990 pens. I live in the Netherlands and I would like to trade floaties.
Frank and Megan Dussaussois
email: frank.megan@wanadoo.fr
website: www.multimania.com/megan
Collectors/Traders in France: 1,330 pens. We only collect Eskesen pens.
Sande Dyott
email: dyott@comcast.net
Collector/Trader, 35 pens. I love these pens, look forward to adding to my collection.
Debbie Fish
email: dfish@bobfish.org
Collector/Trader: 10 pens. Just started collecting summer, 2000.
Anker Preben Fogtmann
email: rosanker@bbsyd.dk
website: www.floatpens.dk
Collector/Trader: I have the world's oldest FLOAT collection. Together for 52 years (Began to gather about 1964). The collection is Denmark's largest: approximately 14,000 different. I have ca.2000 duplicates, and I would like to swap with other collectors.
Rosa Foulger
email: rosa71@ntlworld.com
website: homepage.ntlworld.com/david.foulger/pens/
Collector/Trader: 26 pens. Just started collecting in 2000.
Sean Fremon
email: sean@fremon.com
William Gilinsky
email: Beavnyc@aol.com
Collector/Trader: 800 pens. I seem to be fascinated with the older, metal floating pencils and pens. Oil based and lovely to hold. I'm looking for a one-of-a-kind floating pen or pencil with either a ship or a car inside the barrel. Metal or wood or plastic are all fine. I like my floaties like I like my steaks, rare.
Shirley Glaettli
email: shirshop@yahoo.com
Giving up her collection, and looking to sell all 133 pens for $500 to one buyer.
Caroline Gonsales
email: floatie70@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader in Belgium: 300 pens
JW Gonzales
email: jwgonzales@yahoo.com
pictures of my collection: www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=36909&l=fdbe6&id=571018575
Collector/Trader in California. About 300 pens so far! Want more!
Petra Goossens
email: petra.goossens@pandora.be
Collector/Trader: 700 pens. Email me in Dutch, English, French, German! I would love to trade.
Bryan Greenberg
email: brgreenb@mailbox.syr.edu
Laura Grimes
email: GreenneerG@aol.com
Collector/Trader: 800 pens. Laura is 14 years old and has already been collecting several years.
Ginny Hamme
email: vhamme@yahoo.com
snail mail: 83 Mayfield St., PO Box 423, Elizabethville, PA 17023
Collector/Trader: about 500 pens.
Tone Helen Hanken
email: tohanken@online.no
Collector/Trader: I have 15,000 Eskesen floater pens in my collection. For trade I have about 300 Eskesen floater pens.
Diane Hansen
email: Diane@dianehansen.com
Collector/Trader: 200 pens.
Lisa Harrington
email: lharrington23@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader: 40 pens
Hachik Hatlamadjian
email: hatl@pisem.net
Collector/Trader: 4 pens
Peter Hillier
email: bphillier@aol.com
Collector/Trader: 400+ pens. I collect on travels abroad and with the assistance of friends.
Ingolf Hoffmann
email: kuli_sammler@gmx.de
Collector/Trader: 3500+ pens. I have about 300 doubles to trade (Ich habe etwa 150xStück zum Tausch).
Idaho Center of the Book's "Fabulous Floating Pens" Exhibition
website: www.idbsu.edu/hemingway/floaty
Jerry Jackson
email: jerryjackson7664@gmail.com
Collector/Trader: 100 pens.
Akira Kanesaka
email: d08638@esq.dentsu.co.jp
website: Akira Circus
Collector/Trader in Japan
P. Keener
email: pkeener106@aol.com
Collector/Trader: 190 pens. Only from places/attractions I or a relative or friend have been.
Stephen Kenneth
email: stephenk2000@lineone.net
website: www.thefloatypenzone.co.uk
Collector/Trader: 451 pens. Collecting since 1988.
Thomas Kleinhempel
email: Planitzer73@web.de
Collector/Trader: 1200 pens. I collect Floaty-Pens from Europe, and I would like to trade pens with you! I have more than 200 different pens for trade especialy from Germany, Austria. Please send me an email, so I'll send you my trading-list!
Nancy Knechtel
email: ProfNancy@aol.com
website: Nancy's Favorite Floating Pens
Don't miss Nancy's Floaty Pen History ofArt
Collector/Trader: over 3,000 pens.
Richard Koopal
email: r.koopal@chello.nl
website: floatingballpoints.homeip.net
Collector/Trader in the Netherlands (Leeuwarden); 1,539 pens. Collector since 1980. First floatie was from Volendam (NL).
Florian Kraft
email: mcclane24@web.de
Collector/Trader in Germany, 95 pens. I am a huge fan of (CLASSIC) floating pens since 1997 when I was 13!
email: nodecaf@ix.netcom.com
Collector/Trader: 50+pens. I didn't mean to start collecting. One day I was cleaning up and realized I had several dozen. Now, people of all kinds bring them to me from their trips.
Mark Levine
email: mlevine@dallasnews.com
Collector/Trader: 500+ pens
Harris Lindenfeld
email: hl@lindenfeldlaw.com
Collector/Trader: 3000+ pens, ready to trade; have duplicates of NYC pens. Looking for educational & commercial as well as souvenir pens.
Heather Loew
email: bdloew@gmail.com
Collector/Trader: 100 pens. I am looking for Floaty Pens for my uncle. He is 56 years old with Down Syndrome, and he won't use any other type of pen. We live in Glendora CA and he now wants one from our city (which may never be found). But can anyone please help find a way to do a custom pen, by maybe using an old pen?
Jill Lorenz
email: trekrjill@aol.com
website: www.floatingaroundtheworld.com
Collector/Seller: 350 different recent productions of Eskesen floaty pens.
Emma Maquet
email: franck.maquet@numericable.fr
Collector/Trader in France: 300 pens
Linda McCormick
email: mccorlinda@mchsi.com
Collector/Trader: 981 pens. Collecting since late summer, 1998.
Ber te Mebel
email: temebel@upcmail.nl
website: www.beepworld.de/members20/bertemebel
Collector/Trader: 1300+ pens. Started to collect in Dec, 2000. Please visit my website. I like to email with other collectors, so don't hesitate to email me.
Dori Mentzer
email: Okedo1234@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader: 500+
Alice Miller
email: amiller@acegroup.cc
Nancy Nerenberg
email: nancy@floatart.com
website: www.floatart.com
Owner of Float Art Design; avid collector: 2835 pens.
Minh Chanh Nguyen
email: minhcnguyen@optusnet.com.au
Collector/Trader: I only have about 25-30 floaty pens...I collect advertising pens/pencils and floaty pens if they have advertising logo on them. I have over 4,000 advertising pens/pencils.
Nobi (Nobuko) Ochiai
email: nochiai@shaw.ca
website: floatypens.web.fc2.com
Collector/Trader: Over 12,000 pens. I am eager to sell and/or trade my doubles.
Petra van Osch
email: floaties@hetnet.nl
website: home.kpn.nl/floaties
Collector/Trader in The Netherlands: over 1,550 pens. I only collect Eskesen floaties and other Eskesen products, such as keyring pens and I especially like Disney pens and other nice designs.
Steve and Suzie Padrick
email: PadrickSB@aol.com
Collectors/Traders: 371 pens
Andre Perrin
1C, Rue du Coteau
F-08000 Charleville-Mezieres, FRANCE
Collector/Trader. Be patient; he must have letters translated into French.
email: jraymond@pobox.com
Collector/Trader: 500 pens. I especially like commercial, foreign and novelty pens.
Gary Sanders
email: gary.sanders@sci-us.com
Collector/Trader: just starting. Commissioned the design of the float pen for the Nat.Mus. of Funeral History, which has the funeral carriage going to and from a cemetery.
Klaus-P. Schmitz
email: KPS97@t-online.de
Collector/Trader in Germany: 3,100 pens
Camille Simons
email: camillesimons@cobridge.tv
Collector: 25 pens
Renee Snyder
email: reneesnyderphd@yahoo.com
website: webpages.charter.net/reneesnyder/reneesfloatypenshome.htm
Collector/Trader: 450 pens. I have collected from places I travel (& friends bring them to me).
Finn Sørensen
email: finn@pencollector.dk
website: www.pencollector.dk, and English version
Collector/Trader, Denmark: 4,000+ pens, and I have over 900 to trade (some only a few identical - some up to 50)
Elizabeth Spatz
email: espatz@earthlink.net
website: home.earthlink.net/~espatz/floaty
Rune Staxrud
email: rune.staxrud@online.no
website: http://www.staxrud.net/htm/Eskesen-main.htm
Collector/Trader, Over 10,000 Eskesen pens, and about 3,000 duplicates!
Lella Stefano
email: stefano.gs@alice.it
Collector/Trader: 30 pens
Ann Stefay
email: stefanyart@cs.com
Collector/Trader: 300 pens. Mostly collect pens from tourst sites around the world.Allways on the lookout for misc.
Judy Stribling
email: jcstrib@earthlink.net
Collector/Trader: 300 pens; my floaty collection was born at Graceland.
Kim Svendsen
email: km-svendsen@mail.dk
Collector/Trader: about 12,456.
Karen Swanson
email: rswanson@mashell.com
Collector/Trader: about 2000. I need a floaty from Greece; whoever can help is my hero! In "real life" I'm a legislative tour guide in Olympia, Washington. Look me up!
Nancy Thomas
email: FloatPen@aol.com
Christina Tompkins
email: pleva99@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader: 500 pens. I would love to hear from fellow floaty collectors in the Baltimore/Washington area! Also, I am interested in trading for any pens that feature penguins, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.
Phil Tackel
email: ptboston@comcast.net
Collector/Trader: 700+ pens. Mostly interested in Eskesen "classic" designs but will consider all types. Particularly like advertising pens, pens with unique/clever designs; and pens that are offbeat or irreverent.
Tracy Uzzel
email: uzzel@earthlink.net
website: home.earthlink.net/~uzzel/pens.htm
Collector/Trader, 288 pens
Selma Veldhuis
email: mitsou_s@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader: 296 pens
email: vonnekit@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader: 308 pens
Erwin Verheyen
email: erwin.verheyen@telenet.be
Collector/Trader: 1600 pens. I've collected novelty ballpens about 20 years now. Write me in English, French, German or Dutch. Hope to hear from you!
Sandra C. Watkins
email: sandrawat@yahoo.com
Collector/Trader, 500+ pens.
Lew Weiss
email: lewieweiss@hotmail.com
Collector/Trader, 500 pens. I look upon these pens as little works of art.
Dawn Wengert
email: DMW121069@Aol.com
Collector/Trader, 50+ pens. I have been colloecting floaty pens for the past few years--mostly from places I've traveled, and friends and family bring me pens from their travels.
Richard Wickberg
email: patwick@comcast.net
website: home.comcast.net/~patwick/floatypens.html
Collector/Trader, 750+ pens. Countries, states, cities, Nat'l Parks, military, transportation, etc. I try to keep a large trade selection, please email!
Craig Wilson
email: floatnik@comcast.net
website: www.floatsville.com
or: home.comcast.net/~floatnik/site/
Collector/Trader: 2500 pens
Miranda Wittebol
email: wittebol@planet.nl
website: http://home.kpn.nl/mwittebol1970/
Collector/Trader in Holland: over 13,200 pens. I love trading & sharing info about float pens.
Mahfoud Zanat
website: simscollection.free.fr/
Collector/Trader in France: "...considered the #1 Eskesen Collector on the planet," says Diana Andra, in Issue #33 of Floatabout. M. Zanat has been collecting for decades.
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