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Float Pen-related Articles in the Press

Mental Floss Magazine
Mental Floss Magazine included a short article about floaty pens in their Sept/Oct 2011 issue.
Nardwuar Video (on YouTube)
Nardwuar the Human Serviette had us make him a floaty pen in 2008. In this Feb, 2009 interview with Kathy Griffin and Lily Tomlin, he gives them our Nardwuar float pen (on YouTube).
Penthon Video (on YouTube)
This is a wonderful, amazing, recreation of Monty Python's Holy Grail, performed by floaty pens. Kudos to long-time pen collector and "movie-producer" Debbie Carriere!
Mightier Than the Sword, ABA Journal, Nov. 2007
One of Float Art Design's pens had some coverage in the November, 2007 issue of the American Bar Association Journal.
Ein Souvenir, das die Welt bewegt (A Souvenir that Moves the World)
This article was published September 7, 2006, in Die Zeit. A great article, which covers Eskesen since the new ownership and the move toward digitized designs. One catch, though: it's in German.
Kip Kubin Video (on YouTube)
In this short, musician Kip Kubin shows us his collection of floaty pens, a collection he builds with the help of Venus Hum's touring schedule (June, 2006).
A Barrel of Fun
A short and sweet intro to floaty pens, by Charly Porter Kusta, published in the July-August, 2004, issue of Coastal Living Magazine.
Inks for the Memories
Written by Mary Melton, this article was originally published in the Los Angeles Times on November 17, 1996, but float pen aficionado Barry Weiss just recently sent it to me. Worth adding to the list.
Fish Paste!
This on-line article, October 2002, was written by fellow float pen collector Mark Levine.
Acura ad
This ad has appeared in major magazines 2002-2003. First spotted in a program for musical concert in summer, 2002, it's now been sited in Time Magazine and The New Yorker. The small type at the bottom adds, "when your crossing the land in search of your next must-have."
Sociedad Iberoamericana de Información Científica
Remember our Blueballs is Real! float pen, made by Doctors Chalett and Nerenberg, to announce the publication of an article in Pediatrics Online. Well, now the June, 2002 issue of SIIC has done an article on the article, in Spanish, and has included pictures and references to our float pen!
St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Self Promotion"
In this Feb. 17, 2002 article, Richard Chin, of Pioneer Press, talks about several kinds of personalized souvenirs: float pens, squished pennies, and even candy valentine hearts.
Keräilyn Maailma, a Finnish magazine
Andy Balbus' June, 2001, article about float pens written for a Finnish magazine.
Classic Fast Ferries Magazine "Just Floating By"
Dutch collector Miranda Wittebol contributed words and wisdom to "Just Floating By," a Feb/March, 2001, article in Classic Fast Ferries magazine. The article briefly covers the history of float pens and their increasing popularity.
Islands Magazine: "What's Out There"
Islands Magazine featured float pens in their November, 2000, issue. In fact, Float Art Design owner Nancy Nerenberg was interviewed for, and then quoted in, the article.
Pen Plus: "Schwimmstifte"
For our German-reading audience: Christian Andres, a serious collector and designer from Berlin, wrote a float pen article for Pen Plus, a magazine dedicated to pens of a misc elegant nature... namely, fountain pens.
SF Daily Journal: 'MoFloaties' for 'Gators on Their List
The law firm Morrison & Foerster commissioned a pen with their mascot, the "litigator," floating from a Morrison & Foerster office building to a courthouse. Less than a week after the pens arrived, on Dec. 15, 1998, the San Francisco Daily Journal, a California law newspaper, published an article featuring the firm's floaty pen, which they refer to as the "MoFloaty."
West Magazine: "Pens Mightier by the Horde"
Float pens have moved into the mainstream, as witnessed by an influx of articles in the press. For those who missed the March 29, 1998 piece in West (San Jose Mercury News), we've included it here.
from a French newspaper: "La vie du collectioneur"
Can you read French? Then you might enjoy this article published April 4, 1997, featuring floaty collector André Perrin, who has made it into the Guiness Book of World Records.
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