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Austin-White model reveals lingerie.
Mamma Mia! Broadway
Actor floats down into spotlight.
S.I.M.S. 2014 Collector's pen
S.I.M.S. 2014 Collector's pen, Mahfoud commissioned this floaty pen featuring Debbie Carriere, Nobuko Ochiai, Mahfoud Zanat, Susan Eisen, and Russell Eisen.
National Geographic - Vision of Division
Commissioned by Assaf Shaham, an Israeli artist, for National Geographic
National Funeral Directors Association - 2014 Convention & Expo
Hearst floats across Nashville
Dita von Teese (2014)
New variation of Dita's pen: pink corset revealed against pink background.
Rope Partner, We Keep It Turning
Rope Partner cleans blades of wind turbines.
Maine Maritime Museum
Bath, Maine
City of Newport Beach, City Clerk's Office
Rabbit statue floats by the city buildings.
Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Exchange commissioned 35,000 pens with this design to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary.
Emma & Enma
Heart floats across in this design for Emma and Enma's wedding.
Lisa Love
Burlesque model Lisa Love stretches while classic car floats by. Some of the pens imprinted for a special event.
Lop Shop
Lop Bunny emerges from top hat. Commissioned for website selling original lop bunny products.
I [maple leaf] Micra
New Nissan Micra floats across Canadian cityscape.
SDF.Lonestar.org, SDF Public Access Unix System
Computers ping each other
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