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Santa Monica Museum of Art
Skiers cross snow scene.
The Bobs
Faces of the four members float across.
PSU Forensic Science, forensics.psu.edu
One fingerprint emerges as the other disappears.
Mattel Legal and Business Affairs
Boss floats by with scuba gear on.
Telfair Museums, Robert Henri
Necklace floats onto neck in portrait.
Pismo Beach, Lighthouse Resorts
Surfer floats by Pismo Beach Pier
Chew on This, Fresh Ideas Made to Order
Promotes a new Bay Area radio program www.chewonthisradio.com.
Leisure Suit Larry, Replay Games
When Larry's pants come off, the woman's dress is on, and visa versa.
Marta Becket's Amargosa Opera House and Hotel
Marta dances across desert in her pink tutu.
Men in Kilts
This window cleaning company (meninkilts.com) has franchises all over Canada and some in the U.S. now, as well.
Bubble Witch Saga
Girl floats down until foreground crown tops her head.
Planning for a changing climate.
Commissioned by the Yukon Research Centre.
Go Go Babies, Pre and Perinatal Education and Therapies
Babies progess from crawling to standing.
Flybike X1
Flybike spray reveals topless women on beach.
Boom Town: Barbary Coast at the Conservatory of Flowers
Commissioned for an exhibition in Golden Gate Park, S.F.
World Famous Iron Mike
Sam McDowell's Iron Mike floats down to the treasure chest.
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