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Twelve Tone Productions
Camera crew floats across Los Angeles scene.
Rosin Preservation
Henry Morrison Flagler Museum
Alligator floats by shrub palms.
Haley and Scott
Happy couple rows canoe past boathouse in New York City's Central Park.
Running Horse Studio
Life is like a merry-go-round...
Crossroads School, XRDS Exposed 2011
Crossroads School's design for 2011. The students came up with the design.
It's a Wimpy Wonderland
Commissioned to promote the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. There are two versions: one version has just the floating kids; the other has the floating kids and floating "snow."
Portland Art Museum
For the "Allure of the Automobile" exhibit, the Portland Art Museum does a classy design with the metallic barrel.
Andale Ready Mix Central, Inc.
Avontus, Fast & Easy
Click to see the reactions of the floaty pen recipients in the exhibit hall.
Goldberg Simpson
"You have questions. We have answers."
Traditional Bahrainian fishing boat floats by; pearls on right.
Bratislava, the little big city
This federally-funded grant project provides training to those who work in libraries. The floaty pen was made for the 2011 California Library Association convention.
Hyalogic, www.hyalogic.com
Three-dimensional balls float end to end.
Art at Work, November 2011
For the city of Tacoma, Washington
Washington Crossing Historic Park
Washington crosses the Delaware.
Schmersal Reining Horses
Palomino horse rides around arena.
Schmersal Reining Horses
Brown horse rides around arena.
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