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One Tech Solution
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (2006)
This is the club's sixth design in seven years. Vertical design involves a corgi jumping to play with a butterfly.
QSN Industries (Quality Screw & Nut)
The background has the company tagline, "What America Needs...is a Quality Screw." Floating by are screws and nuts!
AAI Shadow 200 (2006)
This reorder illustrates the new digital technology Eskesen is using for the artwork. Backside panels are no longer created in the metallic-gray color.
Sarah and David
The couple watches the sailboat float by.
Caltech recaptured their treasured red cannon from rival MIT.
Woman strips, but you'll have to visit their website to see what happens!
Buffalo Exchange
Springfield College's Easy Rider Program
Floaty keychains to promote the college's student taxi program.
Oregon RFID (film version)
This version has the filmstrip floater and a backside panel.
Oregon RFID (3D)
These pen have the actual 3-D RFID tags as the floating objects!
Papillons...happy, alert & friendly
Commissioned by a Papillon rescue club.
National Snow and Ice Data Center (2006 version)
Ice blocks float near glaciers.
Federal Realty
San Bernardino Associated Governments
Help is on the Way! Tow truck comes to help car in need.
Enjoy Austin's Beautiful Trails
Fifty One Fifty Snowboards
Rebecca and Andrew
Couple passes "Nuptial Bliss, Next Exit" sign in Los Angeles.
Purrsnickety (2006)
Yet another design for this cat specialty shop in Los Gatos, California.
Cindy Neveu, "Bloom Where You Are Planted"
A beautiful design to commemorate Cindy's 40th birthday.
Faces of this public relations firm
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