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Championship Turf Services
Tractor moves across the football field.
Gayle's Bakery
Ralph Bending Estate Agent
When tipped, Mr. Bending's trousers fall, revealing leopard-spotted underwear and socks.
Kat & Stacy, A Southern Wedding
Couple floats from Hollywood, past Mt. Rushmore, to the Georgia farm—beaver and all.
Debra S. Gregory, Realtor
Fish in boat.
Stella McCartney
Silouette models float by audience.
Soil Moisture Experiments 2005
Soil testors once doing their research. This is their sixth design with Float Art Design.
Get Involved!
Commissioned by Old Dominion College's Office of Student Activities and Leadership.
Scuba Diving Magazine
Chesapeake Bay
Design made for the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.
Genuine beach glass jewelry. Girl and boy search for colored glass in sand.
The renovation is complete!
Family watches their new house float into place.
Rusty's Surf Ranch
Surfer at the Santa Monica Pier.
From great people to great performance
Spray emerges from the SteriLid bottle.
Portland Spirit
Well-endowed woman strips.
Remax, www.276-SOLD.com
The Remax balloon and "SOLD" sign float up to cover the last four digits of the phone number.
Hudson Highland Group
Jami's Bat Mitzvah
Jami floats from her the Town School in NYC to her summer camp.
Hotel Healdsburg
CSAA Historical Services & Archives (2005)
Cheryl & Corey Allen
Cheryl and Corey surf toward the church...and drive out in a fire engine. Note the new C-clip style Twist 'n Click.
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