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Bruce Eckel
Agents of Change, U. of Oregon
General Dynamics
Truck is stopped by this "arresting barrier" which catches vehicles.
Zumiez—known for cutting edge clothing, music, etc. for skate, snow, surf—moves on to furniture.
AAI Shadow 200 (2004)
Minnesota Knitters' Guild
Finished pieces float out from behind knitting hands.
Soil Moisture Experiments 2004
Rain cloud floats across testing scene.
Jen & Dimitris
For a wedding in Barbados, Jen & Dimitris float from beach into church, then over to the "Mini-Moke."
MK12 Graphics
Welcome to the Magic of Catweazle
The Catweazle Fan Club commemorate this British sit-com from the '70s.
Surf Kitty
GSA Child Care
Cascade Bank
Hot air balloon floats down to the new bank.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (2004)
Puppies play tug-of-war in the corgi club's 2004 float pen.
Clark Art Institute, Bonjour Monsieur Corbet!
Commissioned by the Clark Art Institute to publicize the Corbet tour.
Prandin Repaglinide Tablets
Nashville Public Library
Riverboat floats by Nashville.
Kristen & Sam
Couple ride across in horse-drawn carriage.
Delaware Estuary
Janet K. Miller
Janet Miller is a reverse glass painter in Tucson, Arizona.
This pen commemorates the 2004 ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
Vedett Bier
North Beach Place
Cable car moves by a row of newly renovated Victorian houses.
Rudolph & Sletten (2004)
Excavator moving dirt; this year's design features recycling.
Tengo Internet
Laptop floats across landscape, promoting wireless Internet access.
The Colony, Palm Beach
Home of the American Song Book
AAI Shadow 200 (2004)
Same window side as earlier, but this one incorporates their new logo design.
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