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American Society of Landscape Architects (2002)
Board members go swimming!
Freddy the Pig
This is the second version of Freddy the Pig. Only change: illustrator given credit on the backside panel.
HP, Partners in Motion (2003)
Douglas Rye Voiceovers
Los Angeles in the background, Doug enters studio singing; clients exit, wowwed!
Edie & Carleton
The Beatles Anthology DVD
Mel & Mark
Work Injury?
New version: worker gets run down and flattened by steamroller. He needs representation!
Tacoma Art Museum
Modern girls walk in; classic portrait (same girls) floats out!
Soil Moisture Experiments 2003
Jonathan's Bar Mitzvah
Torah floats into Jonathan's arms.
L.A. Conservancy
This organization helps conserve Los Angeles' historic buildings.
Cold Cold Water
Musician Mirah Zeitlyn wanted float pens and whistle/keychains to sell on tour.
Puppy Raising Guide Dogs for the Blind
This organization's second floaty with us. The only real change is the dogs.
Strongbad: Greetings from Strong Badia
New pens featuring Strong Bad, one of the most popular characters from Homestarrunner.com.
Douglas Yeo (2003 version)
Douglas Yeo decided to commission his float pen with a fresh backside panel.
Nordic Naturals
White Sands Missle Range
Birthplace of America's Missle and Space Activity.
Buzz Off
Special clothing keeps bugs away!
2003 Year of the Blues
For a festival in Tunica, in the Mississippi Delta, art by Marisa Dalla Valle.
Rockwell Museum of Western Art
EPA Underground Injection Control Program
Red arrow points down the well.
This conceal/reveal pen "reveals" confirmation of HIV cells.
Le Monde du Serpent (Doug Yeo)
Berlioz Historical Brass celebrates Doug Yeo's work on the serpent. His great, newly-released CD can be found on Doug's website (www.yeodoug.com).
Rudolph & Sletten (2003)
Safety belt protects worker as he floats up and down.
Model A Fords on Tour
Commissioned by the Meadowlark Model A Ford Club (meadowlarks.omahaneb.org) in Omaha, Nebraska.
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