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Sclerotherapy, John Wiedner, MD
See the varicose veins? Tilt the pen and Dr. Wiedner makes them disappear.
International Ice Patrol
Patrol plane helps guide ship through icebergs. This client used the same templates for pens, keychains and letter openers.
Henny Penny's Premium Quality Eggs
A dozen orderly eggs make their way from chicken coop to egg carton!
Cunha Country Store
Happy shoppers exit store; Half Moon Bay in the background.
University of Kentucky Art Museum
Adaptation of an 1883 portrait by Julien Dupre.
American School in London
Holiday Inn, Chicago City Centre
Hotel celebrates the 25th anniversary with a float pen!
Humane Society of Missouri
Family enters Humane Society and emerges with pets!
Harris, Miller, Miller & Hanson, Inc.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (2001)
In the obedience competition, the corgi happily delivers the colored barbell.
Farallone View Elementary School (Montara, California)
Design drawn by one of the Farallone View students!
Lightolier, Agili-T
Long, mobile light moves from conference room to office.
Texas Monthly
Truck approaching Alamo passes behind "jackalope."
Berner Sennenhunde Club e.V.
Half Moon Bay, California
Surfer rides by coastline and lighthouse.
IBM ThinkPad
Hand with pen floats toward ThinkPad.
Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombone - Ophicleide - Serpent
Doug, a member of the Boston Symphony, floats into Boston Symphony Hall playing trombone and comes out playing the serpent.
Puppy Raising Guide Dogs for the Blind
Museum of Wonder Wall
Jugs Company
Clever design for this firm which manufactures pitching machines.
Idyllwild, California
Chipmunk floats across with nut.
Sir Arthur's Jolly Good Stuff
A robed, happy Arthur floats down to his awaiting throne and crown.
Adrienne & Mike
Couple floats across wine country over to the church.
McBooks Press
Pirate ship, foreground, attacks sailing vessel, which emerges burning.
Camas Police Department, "If you drink and drive in Camas, we'll provide the chaser."
Now the Camas police chase a Jeep instead of the red Camaro (early 1999 version).
Marketplace Development
Woman with shopping cart enjoys airport shopping.
Falun Dafa
Rachel, 1 September 2001
Made for Rachel's Bat Mitzvah. Rachel loves ballet and lives in Hawaii.
Mustela bear floats from France to USA.
McCormick Company 1926-2001
Morrison Foerster
Baltimore-Annapolis Hash House Harriers
"The drinking club with the running problem!"
Jessica and Jeff
Couple floats across, each partner's head passing behind the "Eat it raw" poster.
Work Injury? Law Offices of Carlo & Bondelie
Man falls from ladder and lands on head!
Cassini-Huygens, Mission to Saturn and Titan
Spaceship heads from earth to Saturn.
Breast Cancer Awareness
ericsson experience
Los Gatos, California
This new version, produced in 2001, includes the bell tower above Borders at Old Town.
Rudolph & Sletten (2001)
Workers placing concrete.
Sarah & David, November 10, 2001
Couple pass behind a Boston fountain in their white, horse-drawn carriage.
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