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Sabre TravelBase, Transforming data into business opportunities
Sabre TravelBase, Transforming data into business opportunities
Shows the evolution of accounting.
Sabre TravelBase, Traveling at the speed of technology
Traveling at the speed of technology.
Fort Atkinson Relay for Life
Commissioned for a team relay event to raise money for cancer research.
Los Angeles PEZ-A-THON 2000
Made for the first Pez collectors convention of the new millenium.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (2000)
Corgis make their way through the obstacle course.
Peregrine Publishers
Trinidad and Tobago, Land of the Steelpan
Pannist floats by other steel pan musicians and buildings.
Baron Aviation
Prototype made for an international aviation company; project abandoned midstream when the contact person left the company.
Maggie & Harrell, July 1, 2000
Office of Water Programs, Cal State U. Sacramento
Dirty water drop goes through treatment plant and comes out clean and smiling.
Eileen & John, July 8, 2000
The newlyweds come out of the church and float by the New York City skyline.
KRT: Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services
L2K: Lindenfeld Family Reunion
The Mt. Rushmore-like heads of the family patriarchs float by the family's hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
CorVel Corporation
Wild Bird Center (Los Gatos, California)
Designed by artist Chris Reyes, an employee of the Wild Bird Center.
Feldman, Franden, Woodard & Farris (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
"Good" lawyers chase and try to lasso the ambulance chasers.
Ainsworth Elementary School (Portland, Oregon)
Kids walk to school under umbrellas.
Mt. Baker Real Estate (Seattle, Washington)
Key Largo or Bust!
This couple was moving from Colorado to Florida, and their pen announced the move!
Bow Wowzer (2000)
The floaty pen was commissioned by Ellen, owner of both this dog speciality store and the cat store Purrsnickety, in Los Gatos, California.
Potty Training Solutions (www.pottytrainingsolutions.com)
Happy baby floats onto the toilet.
Noam & Rachel, Sept. 12, 2000
Man from Israel and woman from Wisconsin join together and move to California.
Tim & Jill, October 21, 2000
Webvan (www.webvan.com)
This dot com company delivers groceries to your door. The float pen is one component of a kit sent to new Webvan customers.
Top of the Charts
CSAA Archives (motorcycles)
Another historic scene: AAA emergency motorcycles float across the Golden Gate Bridge.
CSAA Archives (car)
An old car passes in front of historic AAA map of the Grant's Pass area.
Just Married, Grace and Merrick, Oct. 27, 2000
Couple in black leather cycles into SF's Marine Maritime Building, and emerge in wedding garb.
Ivory Consulting
This firm's consultant goes into the phone booth and flies out as "Supertrump" man.
This great website sells "a potpourri of pet-related items." Mary Garbe did the art for this beautiful design.
Our Dreams Came True!
Couple meets by accident in NYC, floats through church, and emerges by dream house.
Blue Balls Is Real!
This pen publicizes a research article entitled "A Diagnostic Consideration of Testiculoscrotal Pain in Young Adults: A Case Report and Discussion" by Drs. Chalett & Nerenberg, published in an Oct. 2000 pediatrics journal.
Melissa Etheridge Information Network
Melissa and band play before enthusiastic fans.
Aerosmith (www.aeroforceone.com)
Steven Tyler moves across band-filled stage while fans clap.
Peninsula Youth Orchestra
Soloists emerge from behind curtains; conductor Klein readies the orchestra.
Rudolph & Sletten (2000)
Safety helmet, glasses and vest lower themselves onto the safety-conscious employee.
Lounge Family
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