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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (1998)
Welsh corgis herd sheep.
Freddy the Pig
A children's book series by Walter R. Brooks.
Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History (Santa Cruz, California)
Kids run to play on the whale statue.
Los Gatos, California
A mountain lion, the town's namesake, floats by historic buildings.
Susannah & Mark get married
Newlyweds cross the Bay Bridge before a spectacular view of San Francisco.
Gilroy, The Great Stink
A beautiful floaty immortalizing the "garlic capital of the world."
The WIN Global Office
Exploratorium, San Francisco
Kids float through the shadow box exhibit.
Internet Services Program, West Valley Community College
Digital Media Program, West Valley Community College
McGinty, High Altitude Design
Silicon Quest International
Workers carry the ingot in; silicon wafers emerge.
Rudolph & Sletten (1998)
An R&S truck floats through one of this commercial construction firm's sites.
Morrison & Foerster
The law firm's "litigator" floats from office to court.
BioEnterics - Aprime
Fat man becomes thin after operation with this firm's liposuction equipment.
AIMD Naval Air Station (Sigonella, Italy)
Plane floats between local sheep and base grounds, with Mt. Etna in distance.
Utila, Bay Islands
This small island off the coast of Honduras is a scuba diver's paradise.
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