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T-Mobile Shadow
Cell phone floats across scene
Tacoma Art Museum
Modern girls walk in; classic portrait (same girls) floats out!
Telfair Museums, Robert Henri
Necklace floats onto neck in portrait.
Tengo Internet
Laptop floats across landscape, promoting wireless Internet access.
Texas Monthly
Truck approaching Alamo passes behind "jackalope."
The Beatles Anthology DVD
The Best is Yet to Come
Second of two celebrating David's 80th birthday.
The Bobs
Faces of the four members float across.
The Colony, Palm Beach
Home of the American Song Book
The Colony Hotel
Monkey on surfboard floats across.
The Fremont Diner
Pigs float over to this cheerful roadside diner in Sonoma, California.
The Frick Pittsburgh
Old car passes the museum.
The Horizon Just Laughed
Blue Volvo drives along mountains. For singer/songwriter Damian Jurado.
The renovation is complete!
Family watches their new house float into place.
The Sweet Shop
The WIN Global Office
The Woodlands, Texas
Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
Lightbulb floats by other Thomas Edison inventions.
Tim & Jill, October 21, 2000
Time Travel Mart
Whenever you are, we're already then.
Timewatch, Ltd. (London, England)
Recording, invoicing and project cost control systems.
Tom and Maggie, Wally Ever After
Top of the Charts
Trinidad and Tobago, Land of the Steelpan
Pannist floats by other steel pan musicians and buildings.
Tuaca Body Art Ball (new version)
Same woman used in Tuaca's previous design, but different logo treatment of Tuaca's float pen. And this year's Body Art Ball tagline is "Start chilled. Drink responsibly."
Tuaca Body Art Ball
First of two designs by Tuaca
Twelve Tone Productions
Camera crew floats across Los Angeles scene.
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