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S.I.M.S. 2014 Collector's pen
S.I.M.S. 2014 Collector's pen, Mahfoud commissioned this floaty pen featuring Debbie Carriere, Nobuko Ochiai, Mahfoud Zanat, Susan Eisen, and Russell Eisen.
Sabre TravelBase, Transforming data into business opportunities
Shows the evolution of accounting.
Sabre TravelBase, Transforming data into business opportunities
Sabre TravelBase, Traveling at the speed of technology
Traveling at the speed of technology.
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
The Utility District designed this float pen to promote their energy-saving rebates!
San Bernardino Associated Governments
Help is on the Way! Tow truck comes to help car in need.
San Luis Obispo - Central Coast Paradise
Hula girls float by Morro Rock and surfers.
Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History (Santa Cruz, California)
Kids run to play on the whale statue.
Santa Monica Museum of Art
Skiers cross snow scene.
Sany's Baptism
Baby enters church; young girl emerges.
Sarah & David, November 10, 2001
Couple pass behind a Boston fountain in their white, horse-drawn carriage.
Sarah and David
The couple watches the sailboat float by.
Schmersal Reining Horses
Brown horse rides around arena.
Schmersal Reining Horses
Palomino horse rides around arena.
Sclerotherapy, John Wiedner, MD
See the varicose veins? Tilt the pen and Dr. Wiedner makes them disappear.
Scuba Diving Magazine
SDF.Lonestar.org, SDF Public Access Unix System
Computers ping each other
Seaman Realty and Management
Yacht floats across Jacksonville, FL skyline.
Seattle, Washington
This float pen was made to use in the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain
Sedona Charter School
Students hop along rocks in the river.
Self-Anchored Suspension (SAS) Bridge
Commissioned by the firm working on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
Woman strips, but you'll have to visit their website to see what happens!
SFU, Canada's Engaged University
Gondola at Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia
Shape of Speed, Portland Art Museum
Ship/Art International
Ship Art (Denver version)
Workers carry art to truck.
Ship Art (SF version)
Workers carry art to truck.
Ship Art International, www.shipart.com (2016 version)
An updated version, with the company's new logo.
Short's Beer
Silicon Quest International
Workers carry the ingot in; silicon wafers emerge.
Sir Arthur's Jolly Good Stuff
A robed, happy Arthur floats down to his awaiting throne and crown.
Slack Frontiers (London)
Double-decker bus floats by London landmarks.
Slack Frontiers (New York)
Taxi floats by NY landmarks.
Slack Frontiers (San Francisco)
VW Van floats by SF landmarks.
SMAPVEX - Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiments
airplane and satellite cross over fields.
Soil Moisture Experiments 2002
Soil Moisture Experiments 2003
Soil Moisture Experiments 2004
Rain cloud floats across testing scene.
Soil Moisture Experiments 2005
Soil testors once doing their research. This is their sixth design with Float Art Design.
Sonora High School Aquatics
Made as fundraiser for the diving, swimming and waterpolo programs.
Southern Great Plains 1999 Experiment
Made to commemorate a recent NASA & USDA soil testing project.
Springfield College's Easy Rider Program
Floaty keychains to promote the college's student taxi program.
Steamworks, Gastown, Vancouver
Floaty for a brew pub in Vancouver.
Stella McCartney
Silouette models float by audience.
Spray emerges from the SteriLid bottle.
Comedian's bike shorts come off to reveal painted-on bike shorts.
The head of the computer chip polisher floats back and forth inside the machine. Stasbaugh chose gold clips and rings for the pens.
Stripper in Lingerie
Stripper pen made for filming a scene in the movie 'Scary Stories'
Strongbad: Greetings from Strong Badia
New pens featuring Strong Bad, one of the most popular characters from Homestarrunner.com.
Sperm can't get to the egg in school!
Summer Sixteen Tour
Commissioned to promote and sell for Drake's 2016 summer tour.
Surfing Museum Santa Cruz
Steamer's Lane by the lighthouse, now a surfer's museum.
Surf Kitty
Susannah & Mark get married
Newlyweds cross the Bay Bridge before a spectacular view of San Francisco.
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