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Rachel, 1 September 2001
Made for Rachel's Bat Mitzvah. Rachel loves ballet and lives in Hawaii.
Ralph Bending Estate Agent
When tipped, Mr. Bending's trousers fall, revealing leopard-spotted underwear and socks.
Rebecca and Andrew
Couple passes "Nuptial Bliss, Next Exit" sign in Los Angeles.
Reef Brazil
Conceal/reveal style pen: dress falls to reveal bikini.
Genuine beach glass jewelry. Girl and boy search for colored glass in sand.
Remax, Margie Bryant
Margie floats over toward house to post SOLD sign.
Remax, www.276-SOLD.com
The Remax balloon and "SOLD" sign float up to cover the last four digits of the phone number.
River Park Apartments
Rockwell Museum of Western Art
Rope Partner, We Keep It Turning
Rope Partner cleans blades of wind turbines.
Roses and Cigarettes, by Esther Kim
Esther Kim is a Korean-American artist. Website: estherlovesyou.net
Rosin Preservation
Rudolph & Sletten (1998)
An R&S truck floats through one of this commercial construction firm's sites.
Rudolph & Sletten (1999)
Rudolph & Sletten (2000)
Safety helmet, glasses and vest lower themselves onto the safety-conscious employee.
Rudolph & Sletten (2001)
Workers placing concrete.
Rudolph & Sletten (2002)
Enjoy R&S's fifth annual float pen. This year a crane carries a beam across the construction site.
Rudolph & Sletten (2003)
Safety belt protects worker as he floats up and down.
Rudolph & Sletten (2004)
Excavator moving dirt; this year's design features recycling.
Running Horse Studio
Life is like a merry-go-round...
Rusty's Surf Ranch
Surfer at the Santa Monica Pier.
Ruth and Rick
Couple passes in front of New York skyline toward yellow taxi.
Rylander and Associates
Intellectual property law firm, idea light bulb floats to bank.
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