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Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA
Watch the gold cupid descend in front of this tourist attraction. Those familiar with the "queen-of-kitsch" Madonna Inn know how perfect this pen is.
Maggie & Harrell, July 1, 2000
Magma Design Automation (Cupertino, CA)
Maine Maritime Museum
Bath, Maine
MainJoy Unlimited, Inc.
Rooster chases hen out of the barn.
Make the Road NY, 25-Year Anniversary
25 Years of Advancing Dignity and Building Power
Make the Road NY, Queens Community Center
Raised subway arrives at the new building. Pen commissioned by Make the Road New York.
Malibu Barbie
Malibu Pier
Mamma Mia! Broadway
Actor floats down into spotlight.
Marketplace Development
Woman with shopping cart enjoys airport shopping.
Marta Becket's Amargosa Opera House and Hotel
Marta dances across desert in her pink tutu.
Mattel Legal and Business Affairs
Boss floats by with scuba gear on.
McBooks Press
Pirate ship, foreground, attacks sailing vessel, which emerges burning.
McCormick Company 1926-2001
McGinty, High Altitude Design
Mel & Mark
Melissa Etheridge Information Network
Melissa and band play before enthusiastic fans.
Men in Kilts
This window cleaning company (meninkilts.com) has franchises all over Canada and some in the U.S. now, as well.
Merge Records, A very She & Him Christmas
She & Him is an American indie duo consisting of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.
Metropolitan Car Club
Metropolitan Glass
Glassblower approaches the glory hole.
Middle River Auto
Red car floats by.
Milk Creative Communications
A variation of the classic male and female stripper models, with branding.
Millenium 2000, Basilica of St. Mary (Minneapolis, MN)
Doves fly up to the beautiful church dome.
Minnesota, 2013 Informs Annual Meeting
Loons swim in Minnesota.
Minnesota Knitters' Guild
Finished pieces float out from behind knitting hands.
MK12 Graphics
Very clever twist on the conceal/reveal approach
Very clever twist on the conceal/reveal approach
Model A Fords on Tour
Commissioned by the Meadowlark Model A Ford Club (meadowlarks.omahaneb.org) in Omaha, Nebraska.
Monitr, Chron's Disease
Morrison & Foerster
The law firm's "litigator" floats from office to court.
Morrison Foerster
Mt. Baker Real Estate (Seattle, Washington)
Museum of the Rockies
Museum of Wonder Wall
Mustela bear floats from France to USA.
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