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L.A. Conservancy
This organization helps conserve Los Angeles' historic buildings.
L.L. Bean
The Bootmobile.
L2K: Lindenfeld Family Reunion
The Mt. Rushmore-like heads of the family patriarchs float by the family's hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Laika Studios - Boxtrolls
Stop animation film.
Laika Studios - Coraline
Stop animation film.
Laika Studios - Kubo
Stop animation film.
Laika Studios - ParaNorman
Stop animation film.
Lake Mead Cruises
Laugh Your Pants Off, Phil Palisoul
Comedian Phil Palisoul's pant fall off.
Leisure Suit Larry, Replay Games
When Larry's pants come off, the woman's dress is on, and visa versa.
Le Monde du Serpent (Doug Yeo)
Berlioz Historical Brass celebrates Doug Yeo's work on the serpent. His great, newly-released CD can be found on Doug's website (www.yeodoug.com).
Leslie Hall
Lightolier, Agili-T
Long, mobile light moves from conference room to office.
Lilac Ambush
Boston's original darkwave band
Lisa Love
Burlesque model Lisa Love stretches while classic car floats by. Some of the pens imprinted for a special event.
Local Search Traffic
Local Search Traffic
Lombardo College of Business
Celebrating the new site for business school at Millersville University.
Lop Shop
Lop Bunny emerges from top hat. Commissioned for website selling original lop bunny products.
Los Angeles PEZ-A-THON 2000
Made for the first Pez collectors convention of the new millenium.
Los Gatos, California
A mountain lion, the town's namesake, floats by historic buildings.
Los Gatos, California
This new version, produced in 2001, includes the bell tower above Borders at Old Town.
Lounge Family
Lucy and Nat, 20th Anniversary Party
Jaguar floats from Greenwich to St. Bart.
Luna's Landing
Buying is Good, Giving is Great
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