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Hail to the Chief
First of two designs celebrating David's 80th birthday.
Haley and Scott
Happy couple rows canoe past boathouse in New York City's Central Park.
Half Moon Bay, California
Surfer rides by coastline and lighthouse.
Hammond-Harwood House
A museum of 18th century art. Annapolis, Maryland.
Harris, Miller, Miller & Hanson, Inc.
Harris, Miller, Miller & Hanson
This 2002 version has a beautiful mountainous background and a different plane than their original design had.
Jet boat cruises through bridge on Rogue River.
Henny Penny's Premium Quality Eggs
A dozen orderly eggs make their way from chicken coop to egg carton!
Henry Morrison Flagler Museum
Alligator floats by shrub palms.
Hershey's Global Shared Services
Hilltop Holdings
Law firm in Colorado.
Historic St. Mary's City
Old sailing vessel floats over historic map of the old city.
Holiday Inn, Chicago City Centre
Hotel celebrates the 25th anniversary with a float pen!
Hooked in Minnesota, Libby and Ed get married
Groom in canoe gets "hooked" by bride with fishing rod.
Hotel Healdsburg
Howard Stern TV (howardtv.com)
Get an eyeful! HowardTV.com. Woman's dress drops, revealing lingerie. Ordered in both pens and keychains.
HP, Partners in Motion (2003)
HP, Workstations Rock (2007)
HP Rock On (2012)
HP Workstations, Seize the Power (2008)
Image of earth floats among superheros
Hudson Highland Group
Hudson River Rowing Association
From great people to great performance
Humane Society of Missouri
Family enters Humane Society and emerges with pets!
Hyalogic, www.hyalogic.com
Three-dimensional balls float end to end.
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