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Dealer Meeting, American Standard
Made for a Gensco client event, blue canoe floats by.
Dealer Meeting, Trane
Made for a Gensco client event, red canoe floats by.
Debra S. Gregory, Realtor
Fish in boat.
Delaware Estuary
Desert Hearts (WolfeVideo.com)
Dickey Center for International Understanding, Dartmouth
Students and plane float by international landmarks.
Digital Media Program, West Valley Community College
Dimitris's Baptism
Baby enters church; young boy emerges.
Fonts for people with computers.
Dita von Teese (2014)
New variation of Dita's pen: pink corset revealed against pink background.
Dita von Teese (green background, pink corset)
Another conceal/reveal design for American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, actress Dita von Teese.
Dita von Teese (pink background, yellow corset)
The first of our conceal/reveal design for American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, and actress Dita von Teese.
Douglas Rye Voiceovers
Los Angeles in the background, Doug enters studio singing; clients exit, wowwed!
Douglas Yeo (2003 version)
Douglas Yeo decided to commission his float pen with a fresh backside panel.
Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombone - Ophicleide - Serpent
Doug, a member of the Boston Symphony, floats into Boston Symphony Hall playing trombone and comes out playing the serpent.
Dr. Richard Mann, I've never been better in my whole life!
Dr. Mann is retiring and giving this floaty to his patients.
Duluth Trading Company
Duluth Naked guy floats between two trees.
Duquesne Incline
Tram in Pittsburgh, PA.
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