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C4 Music Television
Music Television station in New Zealand
Caledonia Founder's Day (Caledonia, Minnesota)
Caltech recaptured their treasured red cannon from rival MIT.
Camas Police Department (Camas, Washington)
"If you Drink and Drive in Camas, we'll provide the chaser!"
Camas Police Department, "If you drink and drive in Camas, we'll provide the chaser."
Now the Camas police chase a Jeep instead of the red Camaro (early 1999 version).
Camp Fairview (Afton, Minnesota)
Canadian Pickers
Commissioned for this Canadian TV show.
Capri School (Campbell, California)
School's book-reading mascot floats by the words, "Attitude is Everything."
Casa Bonita
Restaurant in Colorado
Cascade Bank
Hot air balloon floats down to the new bank.
Cassini-Huygens, Mission to Saturn and Titan
Spaceship heads from earth to Saturn.
Catch a New Wave, WatchParadise.com
Cathie and Lonnie's Big Fling, Sept. 21, 2002
Wedding pen for a couple who have a pig farm. Pig chases bridal couple through farmyard.
Cattleman's Cut Beef Jerky
Cattlewoman's conceal/reveal design
Celeste and Max
Celeste and Max float from Seattle to Los Angeles
Championship Turf Services
Tractor moves across the football field.
Charter Real Estate
Chattanooga Bakery, Reach for the Moon!
Remember Moonpies?
Cheryl & Corey Allen
Cheryl and Corey surf toward the church...and drive out in a fire engine. Note the new C-clip style Twist 'n Click.
Chesapeake Bay
Design made for the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.
Chew on This, Fresh Ideas Made to Order
Promotes a new Bay Area radio program www.chewonthisradio.com.
Christmas Con
Cindy Neveu, "Bloom Where You Are Planted"
A beautiful design to commemorate Cindy's 40th birthday.
City of Newport Beach, City Clerk's Office
Rabbit statue floats by the city buildings.
Clark Art Institute, Bonjour Monsieur Corbet!
Commissioned by the Clark Art Institute to publicize the Corbet tour.
Clearwater Harbor Realty
Debra S. Gregory's newest design.
Cold Cold Water
Musician Mirah Zeitlyn wanted float pens and whistle/keychains to sell on tour.
Colorado Surrogacy
Sperm drives racecar over to smiling egg.
Columbia River Soap Box Derby
Conclave 2003, Washington, D.C.
"A Capital Experience" is the motto for this Austin Healy club's convention.
Congregation Bnos Chaya
School bus floats to building.
CorVel Corporation
Crossroads Alive
Designed by the students of Crossroads School.
Crossroads School, XRDS Exposed 2011
Crossroads School's design for 2011. The students came up with the design.
CSAA Archives (car)
An old car passes in front of historic AAA map of the Grant's Pass area.
CSAA Archives (motorcycles)
Another historic scene: AAA emergency motorcycles float across the Golden Gate Bridge.
CSAA Historical Services & Archives (2005)
Cunha Country Store
Happy shoppers exit store; Half Moon Bay in the background.
Cunha Intermediate School (Half Moon Bay, CA)
The students voted to make a floaty as a fundraiser.
Cylex ImmuKnow
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