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Traditional Bahrainian fishing boat floats by; pearls on right.
Baker Hughes, Drilling Strength, Reservoir Focus
Baker Hughes, Focus on the Reservoir
Baker Hughes Focus on the Reservoir (new version)
Similar to last year's, but a different background graphic.
Baker Hughes SeisXplorer
Baker Hughes
100 Years of Service
Baltimore-Annapolis Hash House Harriers
"The drinking club with the running problem!"
Bare It ALL
Learn about Scott on his blogsite www.bareinkslinger.com.
Baron Aviation
Prototype made for an international aviation company; project abandoned midstream when the contact person left the company.
Beau and Kevin
Plane flies from California to Florida.
Berner Sennenhunde Club e.V.
Better Gift Shop
BioEnterics - Aprime
Fat man becomes thin after operation with this firm's liposuction equipment.
Bishop's Peak School (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Blake and Adam, Happy Evermore
Golf cart approaches church; married couple emerges!
Blossom Hill School (Los Gatos, California)
Kids wave goodbye to parents and head to school.
Blue Balls Is Real!
This pen publicizes a research article entitled "A Diagnostic Consideration of Testiculoscrotal Pain in Young Adults: A Case Report and Discussion" by Drs. Chalett & Nerenberg, published in an Oct. 2000 pediatrics journal.
Blue House Veterinary
Boom Town: Barbary Coast at the Conservatory of Flowers
Commissioned for an exhibition in Golden Gate Park, S.F.
Bow Wowzer (2000)
The floaty pen was commissioned by Ellen, owner of both this dog speciality store and the cat store Purrsnickety, in Los Gatos, California.
Bow Wowzer (2002)
Almost the exact design as 2000 Bow Wowzer pen, except two small dogs have been added to the backside panel: a Chichuhua and a Yorkshire Terrier.
Branch and Barrel Whiskey
A conceal/reveal design: whiskey pours into glass with ice
Bratislava, the little big city
Breakthrough Performance
Make Your Move
Breast Cancer Awareness
Briarwood Bears, by Ann Morris
Hand-made bear floats from crystal ball in front of castle.
Bridal Flower Divas
Bouquet floats into bride's arms.
Bridge City Legal
Lawyer carts boxes of legal material across Portland city scene.
Broad Institute, Educational Outreach Program
Young students go from bus to building, and they emerge as young adults.
Bruce Eckel
Bubble Witch Saga
Girl floats down until foreground crown tops her head.
Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Exchange commissioned 35,000 pens with this design to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary.
Buffalo Exchange
Burlesque Hall of Fame, Lili St. Cyr
Lili St. Cyr, dress falls, revealing lingerie.
Buzz Off
Special clothing keeps bugs away!
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