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AA Air Co., www.AA-AirCo.com
Car floats to house.
AAI Aerosonde (cyclone)
The Aerosonde flies through a cyclone.
AAI Aerosonde (tornado)
The Aerosonde flies through a tornado.
AAI Shadow 200 (2004)
Same window side as earlier, but this one incorporates their new logo design.
AAI Shadow 200 (2004)
AAI Shadow 200 (2006)
This reorder illustrates the new digital technology Eskesen is using for the artwork. Backside panels are no longer created in the metallic-gray color.
Access Courier
Courier van pulls up to building.
Ace Hotel (Kyoto)
Ace Hotel, 20 Years
Ace Hotel
This group of boutique hotels welcomes pets.
Adrienne & Mike
Couple floats across wine country over to the church.
Aerosmith (www.aeroforceone.com)
Steven Tyler moves across band-filled stage while fans clap.
Agents of Change, U. of Oregon
This pen commemorates the 2004 ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
AIMD Naval Air Station (Sigonella, Italy)
Plane floats between local sheep and base grounds, with Mt. Etna in distance.
Ainsworth Elementary School (Portland, Oregon)
Kids walk to school under umbrellas.
Aleza Ross, Attorney at Law
Red truck floats by weight sign, approaches motorcycle cop.
Those curiously strong peppermints chase the frightened people down the street.
Alvin S. Hatch Elementary School
American School in London
American Society of Landscape Architects (2002)
Board members go swimming!
Andale Ready Mix Central, Inc.
Art at Work, November 2011
For the city of Tacoma, Washington
Art at Work
For the city of Tacoma, Washington
Arvand Naderi, Criminal Defense Attorney
Policeman chases inmate, over to the attorney
Arvand Naderi, Criminal Defense Lawyer (2023)
Guns 'n Dope? Don't Lose Hope!
Asrai Garden
Floaty keychains
Austin-White model reveals lingerie.
Avende Solutions
Superhero bursts through brick wall and flies over to the burning computer.
Avontus, Fast & Easy
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