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Custom Design

Pen Styles

At the point that you approve your design for production, you will need to decide on pen style.

Your design can also be used in other items, such as toothbrushes, bottle openers, key chains, letter openers, screwdrivers, and more. To see these, go to the What Else Floats section.

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Classic Float Pen (#F14534)
classic floaty #534
The most popular of classic ball point pens, a floaty favorite for over 60 years.

Twist 'n Click (#F14964)
Twist 'n Click, style #964, black clip
Twist 'n Click 964, chrome clip
This "new" design (around about 12 years or so) offers a slightly broader window area. The Twist 'n Click can be ordered with a black or chrome clip.

Twist 'n Click, slant top (#F14981)
Twist 'n Click, slant top
Twist 'n Click, round top (#F14982)
Twist 'n Click, round top
Twist 'n Click, curved clip (#F14985)
Twist 'n Click, curved clip
Three variations of the Twist 'n Click style. [top]

Twist 'n Click, Metallic Coated (#F14965)
Twist 'n Click, style #965, metallic-coated

Baseball Bat Pen (#F14944)
Twist 'n Click, baseball shape
A dream come true for baseball fans: a Twist 'n Click pen in the shape of a baseball bat. [top]

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