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Ordering Information

Float Art Design's Role
Float Art Design is happy to step in at any stage of the design process. If you have a specific design in mind--great. If you have an idea but don't know how to execute it, we can help. If you want us to design from start to finish, that's fine, too. View our past work in the portfolio.

How to Design a Float Pen
Designing a float pen is easy. You do not need to be an artist. All you have to do is have an idea and follow some simple tips.

Pen Styles
At the stage where you approve your design for production, you will need to decide on quantity, pen styles, and barrel colors.

Barrel Colors
For a minimum order (550 pens) you may choose up to three barrel colors. For an order of 1100, you may choose four; for larger orders, you may choose more colors.

Turnaround Times
Anticipate an 8-12 week process, but pad that timeframe as much as possible, as occasionally you may need/want revisions. Plan head, particularly if you want a pen for a specific event (building dedication, trade show, convention, wedding). There are some options to speed up this process, which involve rush charges.

Cost of a Pen "Run"
There are no design fees if you submit camera-ready art; if we assist, design fees range from $50-200, depending on the time spent on the design. Prices are based on a per-pen cost. Similar to a print run, price decreases as pen quantities increase. A minimum order is 550 pens, and price breaks occur at larger quantities. Call 1-888-32-FLOAT (1-888-323-5628) or email Float Art Design for current price information.

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